Corporate & Social Responsibility

Memsel Inc. believes in striving beyond profitmaking objectives to instead cultivate initiatives that contribute to the welfare of all communities. Memsel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is built to provide positive social value.

Our management approach is designed to produce a sustainable future that mirrors our dedication to excellence and integrity. Leadership identifies our strengths and
opportunities that become guideposts as we reach for breakthroughs and look at what is next.

Memsel’s corporate social responsibility is anchored on two building blocks:

People Giving Each Other A Hug

Positive Social Value 

Memsel strives to make thoughtful and practical ways to give back to society. We remain conscious of our social and environmental impact on the world by giving back and helping to find a solution to health issues.

man on grass field looking at sky

Producing a Sustainable Future

Memsel pursues sustainability to increase operational efficiency to reduce costs and waste, protect and strengthen our brand and reputation, build public trust, and build long-term business viability and success.