Combat Care

Combat Trauma in Prolonged Field Care​

The future battlefield is projected to be more challenging, with a shift towards prolonged field care (PFC) for treating combat casualties beyond “doctrinal planning timelines”.​ Frequently, these combat casualties experience three compounding factors (hypothermia, acidosis, and dilutional coagulopathy) or the “Lethal Triad” that contribute to their deaths.

Presently, the Department of Defense is preparing the current force for a near-peer conflict versus a large military antagonist. It is anticipated that our forces may face challenges to provide adequate life-saving support for large-scale operations in a far-forward or front-line situation.

This situation requires a new approach to casualty care, a new kind of training, and new equipment. 

Preparing Solutions for the Next Conflict

Offering Multi-Functional Solutions for Prolonged Casualty Care

Memsel is driving medical innovation that will address military-relevant gaps across the spectrum of casualty care from the point of prehospital physiological stabilization to definitive care outside the theatre operations.​

The goal of Memsel is to offer advanced medical solutions and devices to support Role 1 personnel perform TCCC, RDCR, and Delayed Evacuation Care knowledge and skills.

Memsel’s portfolio of products are designed to reduce warfighter morbidity and mortality associated with critical wounds, injuries, diseases, and associated sepsis in PFC and accelerate return to duty.

Combat Trauma

Wound Care Solutions for Complex Trauma 

Modernized Medical Multiplier

Optimal Care at the Point of Need

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